While Chinatown is a celebration of lively East Asian heritage, it’s always changing, growing, and evolving. We share this community with parts of SoHo, Tribeca, Little Italy, Two Bridges, and the Lower East Side. That means there’s more to discover here than ever before. Grab some boba, buy a souvenir for a friend, sing some karaoke, and stay a while.

Store of the

55A Bayard Street

Cool off with some cold milk tea, fruit slush, and desserts this summer at SugaBox!

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The Neighborhood

Tea & Incense (Sìyì)

173 Hester Street. First tea brand ever to serves an unique "Buddha-like" sense to the teas! Grab a cup to learn about the Chinese culture as tea names derived straight out of Chinese idioms and sayings.


72-74 Bayard Street. It is a famously recognized as Michelin-star tea shop, freshly brewing their tea using a special Teapresso machine to offer the highest quality drink. Show your support and let’s CHICHA!

Tasty Hand - Pulled Noodles

106 Bayard Street. Serving freshly handmade hand-pulled noodles and other classic dimsums and entrees, Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles is now opening their third location.


79 Mott Street. Chinatown is getting ready for summer as we welcome Laankee into our neighborhood, specializing Hong Kong style fresh tea, beverages, and baking bread.

El Sazon

83 Baxter Street. Dominican restaurant opens from 7AM to 4PM, serving breakfast, catering, as well as all day menu!

Kabab Town

228 Canal Street. Kabab Town is a Halal restaurant that serves Mediterranean cuisine.


18 Elizabeth Street. Treat yourself at TORAJI for a delicious Japanese BBQ.

Sen Saigon

Amazing, hearty, and creative vegan Vietnamese restaurant on 150 E Broadway. Now open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 12-7pm.

Be a part of our community.

From the Lunar New Year Parade to the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Chinatown is a tight-knit cultural hub that invites New Yorkers and visitors to share in a rich sense of living history, all year round. Grab some boba, buy a souvenir for a friend, sing some karaoke, and stay a while.