“Dragon to Your Dream” Chinatown Kiosk Banner Unveiling

The Chinatown Business Improvement District (BID) is delighted to unveil the new banner at the
Chinatown Kiosk as it continues to welcome 2024 the Year of the Dragon.
After a successful “Welcome and Unveiling of the Golden Dragons and Lunar New Year Chinatown
Business Promotions” in early 2024, Chinatown BID is bringing back the spotlight to the community with
a new banner “Dragon to Your Dreams” designed by artist Helen So (蘇茵), also known as Miiasoey.

Helen moved from Hong Kong to New York in 2021, where she strived to expand her art journey by
dedicating her artistic spirit to the new city and community. As she shares her experiences, “She loves
working with different mediums such as acrylic, watercolor, collages, etc. In her arts, you can often spot
these little things that get easily overlooked in life and be reminded to look out for the magics around and
within us. Being bilingual (Cantonese & English) also plays a big part in her arts as a bridge to connect
with a wider community in New York, so that we can learn from each other in a fun and visual way. She
now carries on to explore the city with her arts and often collaborates with other talents and small local
businesses in town, as well as doing projects in the communities.”
“The artwork was inspired by the concept of the Wood Dragon as I love having elements such as nature,
self-love and growth in my arts,” Helen said. “It also plays on the word ‘Dragon’ into ‘Drag_On’ as a
metaphor to add fuel while pursuing our passion and dreams!” She shares her Instagram’s handle
@miiasoey and her website at miiasoey.com.
The event will kick off with open remarks from Wellington Chen, the Executive Director of Chinatown
BID/Partnership, and followed with the banner unveiling and artist meet-and-greet. It will take place on
Friday 3/22 at noon, at the Chinatown Information Kiosk on 101 Baxter Street.

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