Reopening Guidelines, Indoor Dining & Open Restaurants Program

New York City Reopening Guidelines

New York City will reopen in phases when the region has met all seven metrics outlined by the Governor’s Office, as well as the three additional metrics outlined by the Mayor’s Office.

Phase One | Phase Two | Phase Three | Phase Four

If you are unclear which phase your business is included in, you can use this tool to check. These guidelines and requirements may change, so please check the New York Forward site regularly.

If you have any questions, you can call the NYC Small Business Services hotline, 888-SBS-4NYC (888-727-4692).

You can also visit and search “Reopening Guidelines” to sign up for an upcoming webinar to learn about State requirements, recommendations, and resources available to help businesses reopen in NYC.



一期 | 二期 | 第三階段  | 第四階段


如有任何疑問,可以撥打NYC SBS的熱線888-SBS-4NYC(888-727-4692)。



Apply for Open Storefronts (零售業戶外營業項目)

The Open Storefronts program assists existing ground-floor storefront businesses who want to use outdoor areas on a temporary basis. The program allows eligible businesses to conduct activity on sidewalks, on roadways in the Open Streets: Restaurants program, or a combination of both. In addition to businesses engaged in retail trade, repair stores, personal care services, and dry-cleaning and laundry services are able to use outdoor space for seating, queuing, or display of dry goods. The Open Storefronts program is available October 30 to December 31, 2020.

為幫助疫情下受創嚴重的小商業者,紐約市長白思豪(Bill de Blasio)簽署行政令,啟動零售業戶外營業項目(Open Storefronts),該項目將從10月30日(周五)持續至12月31日,小商業者可申請在人行道擺攤營業,預計將惠及4萬小商業者。


Winter Outdoor Dining Guidance

Participants in the Open Restaurants program interested in providing comfort heating for their customers in outdoor dining areas have three options:
  • Electric radiant heaters will be allowed in sidewalk and roadway seating setups. For full guidance from the Department of Buildings, click here.
  • Natural gas radiant heaters will be allowed on the sidewalk only. For full guidance from the Department of Buildings, click here. Natural gas radiant heaters must also comply with the Fire Code.
  • Portable heaters fueled by propane will be allowed on the sidewalk only. Propane heating will be regulated by the Fire Department, with requirements for safe handling, use and storage. For full guidance from the Fire Department, click here.

Read the press release here for the full details and process. Food service establishments with private outdoor dining spaces may use heating devices subject to the applicable guidance from FDNY and/or DOB.



  • 人行道和道路座位設置中將允許使用電子輻射加熱器。 有關建築部的完整指導,請單擊此處
  • 只能在人行道上使用天然氣輻射加熱器。 有關建築部的完整指導,請單擊此處 天然氣輻射加熱器還必須符合《防火規範》。
  • 丙烷供暖的便攜式加熱器只能在人行道上使用。 丙烷的加熱將由消防部門管理,並具有安全處理,使用和儲存的要求。 有關消防部門的完整指導,請單擊此處



Preparing for Limited Indoor Dining on Sept 30, 2020 (9 /30/20 起,紐約市將允許恢復室內用餐,但佔用率不得超過25% 體溫檢查)

New York City will be allowed to resume beginning September 30th with a 25 percent occupancy limit. All restaurants that choose to reopen will be subject to strict safety protocols, including temperature checks, contact information for tracing, face coverings when not seated and other safety protocols. Bar service will not be permitted, and restaurants will close at midnight. Business guidance for indoor dining in New York City is available here.
  • 25 percent occupancy limit
  • Temperature checks will be required at the door for all customers
  • One member of each party will be required to provide contact information for tracing if needed
  • No bar service – bars will only be used as service bars, a source of making drinks and serving them tableside
  • Masks must be worn at all times when not seated at a table
  • Tables must be six feet apart
  • Restaurants close at midnight
  • Strict adherence to all State-issued guidance
  • Restaurants should operate with enhanced air filtration, ventilation and purification standards (MERV13 & HEPA)
  • Limit air recirculation and allow for outside air ventilation
  • Outdoor dining will continue in the interim
紐約市的室內用餐將從9 月30 日起按照25% 的容量限制恢復營業。所有選擇重新開業的餐廳都將遵守嚴格的安全規程,包括體溫檢查、追蹤用聯繫資訊、未就座時戴面罩以及其他安全規程。酒吧服務將被禁止,餐館將在午夜關門。紐約市室內用餐指導意見請見此處
  • 25% 的佔用率限制•要求所有顧客在門口進行體溫檢查
  • 如有必要,將要求各方的一名成員提供聯絡資訊以供追蹤
  • 不提供酒吧服務——酒吧將只作為服務台使用,用來製作飲料並在桌上提供飲料
  • 不在餐桌旁就座時,必須始終戴口罩
  • 桌子之間必須間隔六英呎
  • 餐館午夜打烊
  • 嚴格遵守本州發佈的所有指導意見
  • 餐館應提高空氣過濾、通風和淨化標準 (MERV13 & HEPA)
  • 限制空氣再迴圈,允許外部空氣流通
  • 在此期間,戶外餐飲將繼續


Supplemental FAQ: Multi-Agency Indoor and Outdoor Dining Guidelines

The NYC Department of Small Business Services’ Food and Beverage Industry Partnership and Office of Nightlife at the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment teams have compiled this Multi-Agency FAQ for Indoor and Outdoor Dining Guidelines and Regulations to supplement existing guidance from the Mayor’s Office and multiple City agencies.


纽约市小企业服务部的食品和饮料行业合作伙伴关系以及市长办公室媒体娱乐部门的夜生活 办公室已编撰了此《关于室内外就餐指南和规定的多机构常见问题解答》,以作为补充市长办公室和市政府多个机构的现有指南。 


Apply for Open Restaurants (申請NYC露天餐厅计划答疑)

NYC Small Business Services is offering no-cost virtual compliance consultations:

  1. Need help understanding how to comply with Open Restaurants rules and regulations?
  2. Make sure you’re compliant with Open Restaurant rules! Request a virtual consultation.

Learn more:

NYC SBS 提供免費的虛擬合規諮詢:

  1. 您在了解如何遵守開放餐廳的法規和規則上需要幫助嗎?
  2. 為確保您符合開放餐廳規則,如果您的餐廳符合以下條件的話,請向 NYC SBS 請求虛擬諮詢。
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