Local Relief Resources

Restaurant Return-to-Work Credit Program

The $35 million Restaurant Return-to-Work Tax Credit Program provides an incentive to COVID-impacted restaurants to bring restaurant staff back-to-work, and to increase hiring at NYS restaurants. Qualifying businesses are eligible for a tax credit of $5,000 per new worker hired, up-to $50,000 per business. The Program is open to eligible restaurants located in New York City, or in an area outside of New York City that was designated an Orange or Red Zone for at least thirty consecutive days.

Restaurants may claim the credit after August 31, 2021 (Fast Track Option), if the business can demonstrate a net employee increase of at least 1 full-time employee as measured from April 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021.

Excluded Workers Fund (被排除工人基金)

The Excluded Workers Fund (EWF) provides financial help to New Yorkers who lost income during the COVID-19 pandemic and were left out of various federal relief programs, including unemployment and pandemic benefits.

To be eligible to receive benefits from the EWF program, applicants must show they:

  1. Lived in New York State before March 27, 2020, and continue to live in New York State;
  2. Are not eligible for and did not receive unemployment insurance or any other COVID-19 income relief or other specified benefits from the state or federal government;
  3. Earned less than $26,208 in the 12 months prior to April 2021; and
  4. Lost at least 50% of weekly work-related earnings or household income at any point in time between February 23, 2020 and April 1, 2021 due to total or partial unemployment, or inability or unavailability to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic or, became responsible for a majority of their household income due to death or disability of the head of household.



  1. 2020327日前居住在纽约州,且目前仍在纽约州居住;
  2. 不符合失业保险或其他任何COVID-19收入补助或任何其他来自州或联邦政府的具体福利的资格,也从未收到此类福利;
  3. 20214月前的12个月里收入不足$26,208
  4. 由于因COVID-19大流行病疫情而完全失业或部分 失业,或没有能力或无法工作,或因家庭户主亡故或残疾而承担了大部分家庭收入压力,在2020223

New York State COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program (紐約州 COVID-19 大流行小企業恢復補助計劃)

The New York State COVID-19 Pandemic Small Business Recovery Grant Program was created to provide flexible grant assistance to currently viable small businesses, micro-businesses and for-profit independent arts and cultural organizations in the State of New York who have experienced economic hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Grant awards will be calculated based on a business’s annual gross receipts for 2019 (see below for more information). Grant amounts and calculations are subject to change by Empire State Development.

  • Annual gross receipts: $25,000 – $49,999.99: Award is $5,000 / business
  • Annual gross receipts: $50,000 – $99,999.99: Award is $10,000 / business
  • Annual gross receipts: $100,000 – $2,500,000 (Updated: 8/25/21): Award is 10% of gross receipts (maximum grant is $50,000)

紐約州 COVID-19 大流行小企業恢復補助計劃旨在為紐約州目前有生存能力的小型企業、微型企業和營利性獨立藝術和文化組織提供靈活的補助,這些組織因經濟困難而遭受經濟困難。到 COVID-19 大流行。

補助金將根據企業 2019 年的年度總收入計算(更多信息見下文)。贈款金額和計算可能會因 Empire State Development 的不同而有所變化。

  • 年度總收入:25,000 美元 – 49,999.99 美元:獎勵為 5,000 美元/企業
  • 年度總收入:50,000 美元 – 99,999.99 美元:獎勵為 10,000 美元/企業
  • 年度總收入:$100,000 – $500,000:獎勵為總收入的 10%(最高資助金額為 $50,000)

Business Pandemic Recovery Initiative (幫助紐約州企業重建)

Find out more about our Business Pandemic Recovery Initiative programs—including $800 million in state funding for small businesses—and about rental assistance for tenants. And find a statewide network of centers staffed by people who can walk you through how to apply. See below for details.

If you’re looking for residential rental assistance, please visit the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) for more information on the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP).

詳細了解我們的商業流行病恢復計劃(包括為小企業提供 8 億美元的國家資金)以及租戶租金援助。並找到一個全州範圍的中心網絡,其工作人員可以指導您完成如何申請。詳情請見下文。

如果您正在尋找住宅租賃援助,請訪問紐約州臨時和殘障援助辦公室 (OTDA),了解有關緊急租賃援助計劃 (ERAP) 的更多信息 。

NYC Means Business: Training for Your Employees

The NYC Department of Small Business Services (SBS) provides no-cost, online training to help NYC-based business owners and employees. Training is provided for essential technology tools and COVID-19 safety, including:
  • Computer applications (e.g. computer basics; Zoom*^; Microsoft Office 365 – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access; Google Workspace*^ – Gmail, Sheets, Docs, Drive, Hangouts; QuickBooks)
  • Online marketing and creating a website
  • Online sales and e-commerce
  • Health and hygiene in a pandemic*
  • COVID-19 safety for food and beverage businesses*
  • COVID-19 safety for retail*

SBA Coronavirus Relief Options

Payroll Protection Program (PPP)
On March 25, the U.S. Senate passed H.R. 1799, which will extend the PPP application deadline (currently March 31, 2021) two months, to May 31, 2021, and provide an additional 30 days, after May 31, for the SBA to process pending applications. President Biden is expected to sign it soon. If you are interested in applying, contact your lender now. To view more information about the program you can view the SBA website by clicking here or the National Restaurant Association’s website by clicking here.

Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)
The SBA is increasing the maximum amount small businesses and non-profits can borrow through its EIDL program. Starting the week of April 6, the SBA is raising the loan limit from 6-months/$150,000 max loan to 24-months/$500,000 max loan. For those who have already received a loan, SBA will reach out directly to provide info on how you can increase your amount on or after April 6. Loans in process will automatically be considered for the longer term and greater total amount. Earlier in March, SBA also extended the deferment period on EIDLs to 2022, to allow businesses more time to build back. For more information on EIDL loans, click here.

Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF)

  • SBA expects a “phased launch” of the $28.6 billion RRF grant program to begin in April. During the first 21 days, SBA will give priority to women-owned, socially- and economically-disadvantaged-owned, and veteran-owned small businesses. Although no guidelines have been issued yet, there are a few things you can do to get ready. To read more from the National Restaurant Association, click here.
  • Identify what you are eligible for based on what we know now and the formulas for calculating what you may receive. To read more click here.
  • Pull together information you can now: employer identification number, profit and loss statements showing the difference in revenue between 2019 vs. 2020 or eligible expenses if you were not open in 2019, and your tax returns.
  • Without SBA guidelines, we can’t be sure if you will a DUNS number and SAM registration to apply, but it’s free and the process takes about 2 weeks in total so you might choose to get both in advance.
  1. Get a DUNS number. Sign up for a Data Universal Numbering System, which is free and can take up to two business days.Apply here.
  2. Register for the U.S. Federal Government’s Systems for Award Management (SAM), This is free, but can take up to two weeks to process. Go to Sam.gov.
  3. Send a SAM notarized letter to the Federal Service Desk (FSD). This is a relatively new security procedure. Go to fsd.gov. For a sample letter, click here.

Small Business PPP Application Tip
If anyone you know has experienced difficulty applying PPP or other programs through big banks, try working with smaller banks/lenders. SBA certified lenders: www.sba.gov/paycheckprotection/find

For application assistance (one-on-one counseling), please reach out LaGuardia Community College SBDC at sbdc@lagcc.cuny.edu. They help businesses citywide and have been working closely with SBA to assist small businesses.  他們有職員會說中文。

Shuttered Venue Operators (SVO) Grant (場地運營基金)

The Shuttered Venue Operators (SVO) Grant program was established by the Economic Aid to Hard-Hit Small Businesses, Nonprofits, and Venues Act, signed into law on December 27, 2020. The program includes $15 billion in grants to shuttered venues, to be administered by the SBA’s Office of Disaster Assistance.

Eligible applicants may qualify for SVO Grants equal to 45% of their gross earned revenue, with the maximum amount available for a single grant award of $10 million. $2 billion is reserved for eligible applications with up to 50 full-time employees.



Coronavirus Recovery Information in Traditional Chinese Traditional – 中文繁軆

由於新型冠狀病毒(COVID-19)的疫情暴發,我們國家的小型企業正在面臨著史無前例的經濟重創。有鑑於此,美國小型企業管理局(United States Small Business Administration,英文縮寫 SBA)在此為您提供援助。下列資訊將以其他語言提供,以協助母語非英語的人士填寫其申請。 您必須以英文提交申請。 以下提供的所有文檔僅供參考。由於新的資訊將在可用時發佈,請定期返回此處查看。

薪資保護計畫(英文縮寫 PPP

COVID-19 經濟損害賑災貸款(英文縮寫 EIDL




有見及此,美國聯邦小企業部紐約辦公室(U.S. Small Business Administration New York Office,下簡稱SBA)為了能幫助小企業主們度過這次的難關,今天中午剛剛召開了線上視像會議。由經濟發展中文專員郭曼麗女士(Man-Li Lin)全程以中文講解,向所有參與的線上觀眾提供了申請貸款和援助細節。今天的視像會議除了邀請到紐約市第一選區市議員陳倩雯女士(Margaret Chin)以及紐約華埠共同發展機構及華埠商業改進區總監陳作舟先生(Wellington Chen)做客之外,還有多達80名民眾參與,反應非常積極!


NYC Office of the Comptroller COVID-19 Resource Center – Small Businesses

This page has has information about programs and assistance available to small businesses to help them navigate this crisis.


市長移民事務辦公室(NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs – MOIA)

如果您有关于移民的问题,或者想知道在 COVID-19 疫情期间如何获得城市服务,请致电 212-788-7654,此热线电话周一至周五,早上 9 点至下午 5 点开通,或者您可以发送电子邮件至 AskMOIA@cityhall.nyc.gov


Coronavirus NYC Food Resource Guide: Lower East Side/Chinatown

Resource guide with the following information: meals for children, meals for seniors, retail food stores and their delivery/benefits policies, local food pantries and soup kitchens, resources for homeless people, resources for immigrant populations and resources for people with disabilities.


Assistance & Counseling

Asian Americans for Equality

Unemployment application assistance and job search (亞洲人平等會失業申請援助和求職)

  • AAFE workforce center: 718-961-2833. That line is redirected to our workforce team’s cell phones. Email is askaafe@aafe.org.
  • 亞平會勞動力中心:718-961-2833。該電話線將把諮詢電話轉到員工的手機,電子郵件為 askaafe@aafe.org

CMP (Career Mobility Partnership)

Small Business: If your business needs help in applying for Paycheck Protection Program or Economic Injury Disaster Loan, contact us at Larrymei@cmpny.org.


Design Corps: Small Business Reopening Network

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, NYCxDESIGN has launched a program to connect pro bono designers and architects with restaurants to help provide design technical assistance. This directory encourages designers to self-connect with restaurants by browsing the profiles listed on the site. For additional information on the Design Corps program, please review the detailed guidelines.

Restaurants can add themselves to the website to access assistance here: https://nycxdesign.com/design-corps

Harvard Business School Club of New York’s Recover & Rebuild Initiative

  • One-on-One Coaching. Individual coaching that focuses on the 1-2 most pressing challenges or opportunities faced by the small business. Sessions are virtual and include one or more Harvard Business School alumni volunteers with both broad-based general management and specific functional expertise relevant to the small business being coached.
  • “Office Hours” group coaching sessions. Live Zoom sessions with a group of 8 to 10 neighborhood businesses, moderated by Harvard Business School alumni. The sessions are open-ended in terms of topics discussed, very interactive, and allow a small business entrepreneur to ask questions and gain insight from both the moderator/coach as well as the other businesses participating in the session.

If you need COVID-19-related legal assistance, the City Bar Justice Center is operating a COVID-19 Small Business Remote Legal Clinic that offers pro-bono legal consultations. Small businesses who have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis can receive free, limited-scope legal advice on topics that include Small businesses who have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis can receive free, limited-scope legal advice on topics that include:

  • loans & grants
  • contracts & force majeure clauses
  • employment law matters
  • real estate and commercial leasing issues
  • insurance matters


Grants & Loans

AAPISTRONG Proudly Unstoppable Fund

National ACE is committed to elevating and celebrating AAPI-owned small businesses. COVID-19 has impacted small businesses across the U.S. & the minority small business community has been especially hard hit. National ACE is proud to partner with UPS to invest in keeping AAPI-owned small businesses moving forward by offering $5,000 grants.

Fund is only open for the first 1,000 applicants
Application Period: August 25 – September 10, 2021

AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund

The National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship (National ACE) provides grants directly to AAPI restaurant  owners who have been negatively impacted by Covid-19 throughout the United States. Grubhub’s $2 million donation to the National ACE AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund will be used to support restaurant owners in their efforts to reopen or expand.

The National ACE AAPISTRONG Restaurant Fund opens for applications on August 4, 2021 and close on August 31, 2021, or until the application cap is hit (1,500 total or 100 applications per region).

Renaissance EDC Economic Recovery Loan Program (REDC 经济恢复贷款计划)

Available from April 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021. Loans up to $50,000, 3% interest fixed rate, up to 7 year term. Usage includes flexible working capital, start-up business costs, and high interest debt refinance. 以协助小型企业继续应对疫情的影响, 振兴商业服务中心启动了一项新计划

Citizens Committee of New York City Neighborhood Business Grant (小微助金申請(NeighborhoodBusiness Grant)

Grants of between $5,000 to $10,000 will fill gaps in funding by prioritizing businesses owned by people of color, immigrants, and women, which the New York Times and others report have weaker access to banking systems and financial support. Proposals that focus on adapting businesses to the challenges of COVID-19 (i.e. delivering orders, fulfilling online requests for products, conducting training and classes online) will also be prioritized. Grants may be made to barber shops, restaurants, food carts, vegetable stands, and other small businesses. Unlike many financial opportunities currently available to small businesses, this program will provide grants rather than loans.

5,000美元至10,000美元之間的資助金將優先考慮幫助有色人種,移民和婦女擁有的小商業來填補資金差缺,《紐約時報》等報導稱,這些小商業在獲得銀行和財務支持方面的機會較弱1側重於使小商業適應新冠病毒疫情(COVID19) 面臨的挑戰如運送訂單,滿足網上購售產品需求,在網上進行培訓和上課)的提案也將被優先考慮。可向理髮店,飯店,食品推車,蔬菜攤和其他小業提供補助。“鄰里商業資助計劃”與小業目前可獲得的許多財務機會不同,劃將提供資助金而不是貸款。

COVID-19 Funeral Assistance (COVID-19 丧葬援助)

Under the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, FEMA is providing financial assistance for COVID-19 related funeral expenses incurred after January 20, 2020.

根据《2021 年新冠病毒应对和救济补充拨款法案》和《2021 美国营救计划法案》,FEMA 将为 2020 年 1 月 20 日之后发生的 COVID-19 相关丧葬费用提供财务援助。

Global NY Loan Fund

Open to New York State companies seeking financing to create or expand direct exports, or to serve as suppliers to larger exporters. Loans are available to purchase equipment, inventory, working capital to support foreign accounts receivable, export lines or credit, or long-term financing.

GoFundMe Small Business Relief Initiative

GoFundMe.org, the charitable and advocacy arm of GoFundMe, started the Small Business Relief Fund to benefit small businesses. Supporters can donate to the Small Business Relief Fund, which will issue $500 matching grants to qualifying businesses that raise at least $500 on GoFundMe.

Immigrant Families Fund

Immigrants may be eligible to receive a $500 grant to help cover whatever is most pressing in their lives.

New York Forward Loan Fund (NYFLF)

New economic recovery loan program aimed at supporting New York State small businesses, nonprofits and small landlords as they reopen after the COVID-19 outbreak and NYS on PAUSE. The NYFLF targets the state’s small businesses with 20 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees (90% of all businesses), nonprofits and small landlords that have seen a loss of rental income. The NYFLF is specifically timed to support businesses and organizations as they proceed to reopen and have upfront expenses to comply with guidelines (e.g., inventory, marketing, refitting for new social distancing guidelines) under the New York Forward Plan.

Priority will be given to industries that have been reopened. This is not a first-come, first-served loan program. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as regions and industries reopen.

新的經濟復甦貸款計劃旨在為紐約州的小型企業,非營利組織和小型業主提供支持,因為它們在COVID-19爆發和NYS暫停後重新開放。 NYFLF的目標是該州的小型企業,該企業的全職當量(FTE)僱員少於20人(佔所有企業的90%),非營利組織和租金收入損失的小型房東。 NYFLF的具體時機是為企業和組織著手重新開放提供支持,並為其支付前期費用以遵守《紐約前瞻計劃》下的指南(例如,庫存,行銷,調整新的社會隔離指南)。 重新開放的產業將被優先考慮。 這不是先來先服務的貸款計劃。 隨著地區和行業的重新開放,將對申請進行滾動審核。

Southern Smoke Foundation Emergency Relief Fund

To qualify for emergency relief funding you must have worked in the food and beverage industry for a minimum of 6 months and an average of 30 hours per week minimum. Every applicant must show proof of such employment, so please have paycheck stubs and/or W2s available. Unfortunately, we are unable to make any exceptions.

Examples of need include medical bills, a car accident, weather catastrophes, family support assistance, and mental health needs.


Southern Smoke Foundation(SSF)是一個為食品和飲料行業從業人士提供危機救助的組織。 現在,Welcome to Chinatown已與SSF展開合作,為需要協助完成申請的申請人提供免費翻譯服務。

Welcome to Chinatown Longevity Fund

Welcome to Chinatown is launching The Longevity Fund, a small business relief fund that aims to fundraise $200,000 for the distribution of grants to Manhattan Chinatown’s small businesses. The Longevity Fund will distribute $5,000 grants to 40 small businesses to alleviate their overhead costs (rent, labor, insurance, utilities, etc.) with the goal of offering some reassurance and peace of mind to small business owners, allowing them to focus on COVID-19 recovery.



Want to join us in making a difference? We’re raising money to craft positive messaging and work with crisis management experts to communicate in order to stem the tide of anti-Asian hate and to implement countermeasures, any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to our community.

On May 30 to June 1, 2020, several businesses in the neighborhood were vandalized and looted during recent protest-related events. All funds raised will go towards the replacement of damaged glass doors and windows of the affected businesses. Any remainder funds will go towards assisting with the repair of interior damages. (Funds distributed as of 8/7/2020)


Food Donation & Business/Website Assistance

Heart of Dinner (formerly Table to Table NYC)

Heart of Dinner is a relief effort hub cooking hot lunchbox donations for those most vulnerable in/near the Chinatown area with a heavy focus on the homebound elderly.

Send Chinatown Love

Send Chinatown Love builds personal webpages for merchants to help them collect donations and sell gift cards.


Business Tools/Resources

Free And Discounted Tech Tools To Help You Run Your Business Remotely

Some companies are offering technology tools at a discount that may help you in running your small business and staying connected to your remote team during this time.

Museum of Food and Design

Resources for restaurants/restaurant workers, and patrons who want to support restaurants/restaurant workers.

Open for Business Hub

The Open for Business Hub lists technology companies that are helping small businesses by enabling remote work throughout this period.

Stand for Small

Educational resources, network connections, offers and mentorship opportunities to help address your business needs.


COVID-19 and Human Rights (Hate Crimes)

If you have faced harassment or discrimination in housing, at work, or in any public place, contact the NYC Commission on Human Rights by filling out the online form or by calling 311 and asking for “human rights.” If you are a victim of or witness a hate crime, call 911.

The New York State Attorney General urges those experiencing hate crimes and bias incidences to report them by emailing the Attorney General’s Civil Rights Bureau at civil.rights@ag.ny.gov, or calling 1-800-771-7755.

Locally, you may also report your incident to AAF ANTI-ASIAN BIAS REPORTING FORM created by Asian American Federation. This form is designed to help individuals in the tri-state area report how they have experienced hate and/or discrimination. This incident report form is made to track down hate crimes and civil violations, as well as physical threats and verbal assaults. All personal information will be kept confidential unless we explicitly receive permission from the individual.

Nationally, you may also report your incident to Stop AAPI Hate created by Asian Pacific Policy and Planning Council (A3PCON) and Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) to allow community members to report incidents of hate they have experienced. Individual information, including personal identification details, will be kept confidential and will only be shared with permission. In the aggregate, the information will be used for assistance, advocacy and education.

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