AAPISTRONG Proudly Unstoppable Fund

The National Asian/Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurship (National ACE) is committed to elevating and celebrating AAPI-owned small businesses. National ACE is proud to partner with UPS to … Read more

華裔網紅頸部遭割傷 非裔男辱罵「傻X中國佬」

在社媒平台TikTok上擁有500萬粉絲的華裔網紅陳昌泰(Michael Chen,前譯陳麥克),日前在曼哈頓華埠包厘街(Bowery)酒吧外,遭疑非洲裔男子持刀划傷後頸部,險些割傷大動脈;其母17日接受本報採訪表示,攻擊時該嫌犯曾辱罵兒子「傻X中國佬,弱雞中國佬。」

How to Spend a Day in Chinatown, NYC

NYC’s Chinatown neighborhood is often considered a food destination. In addition to classic spots, the food scene has flourished in recent years thanks to an influx of aspiring chefs and … Read more

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