Hundreds gather to help recover from Chinatown fire

Organizers created the Chinatown Fire Relief Fundraiser sponsored by the Asian American Arts Alliance with so many interesting performances including TIN, dolltrick, Juicy Lou and Chen Dance Center, among others.

防止因疫情上演仇恨華裔犯罪 公民組織「守護天使」華埠巡邏

自新冠狀病毒肺炎爆發以來,包括紐約在內的美國多地傳出華裔或亞裔因疫情遭遇歧視甚至暴力的傳聞,不少民選官員也呼籲民眾理性看待疫情,新冠病毒為全球民眾共同面對的挑戰,而不應因此對某一族裔帶有色眼鏡。針對上述情況,公民組織「守護天使(Guardian Angels)」6日宣布,將在華埠附近地區展開巡邏,確保相關衝突不會發生,保障華人的安全。

When Xenophobia Spreads Like A Virus

The global response to COVID-19 has made clear that the fear of contracting disease has an ugly cousin: xenophobia. As the coronavirus has spread from China to other countries, anti-Asian … Read more

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