Chinatown Partnership

The Chinatown Partnership, with input from all of Chinatown’s stakeholders, has identified Chinatown’s most pressing needs.

Neighborhood Improvements

Clean Streets

Working with the city and neighborhood business owners to make Chinatown a cleaner, more attractive place to conduct business.


Developing lighting to transform Chinatown into a warmer and more welcoming place at night.  Pedestrian arms lighting installed on under-lit Canal Street makes the evening safer.


Developing signage, maps, markers and other tools to help visitors navigate to and through the neighborhood.


Addressing a perennial problem in Chinatown.

Arts & Culture

Lunar Stages

Evenings of performance and film under the Spring and Autumn Moon in Columbus Park. Four evenings of performance and film under the Spring and Autumn Moons. This four-night weekly series in Columbus Park, produced by Chinatown Partnership, debuted in the fall 2006 and was so well received that a spring edition was added. From traditional cultural performances like Peking Opera, to modern Asian-inspired pop music, to screenings of subtitled classic films, there is something for everyone on these evenings of free performances in the newly-renovated Columbus Park. A diverse audience of neighborhood residents, New Yorkers from other neighborhoods and tourists turn out early for pre-show, family-friendly entertainment and special deals on box dinners from local restaurants.

Taste of Chinatown

The City’s most exciting food festival attracts over 150,000 people to this one-day event. Since 2004, Chinatown has welcomed the world to the city’s most exciting food festival. Chinatown opens its streets and welcomes the world to what has become one of the most anticipated attractions in New York City. Chinatown Partnership organizes and mobilizes the resources to handle the extraordinary rush of thousands of foodies from around the world as they make their way past tables in front of dozens of restaurants. $1 per tasting plate, strollers can sample cuisines including Chinese, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Singaporean, Japanese, Asian Fusion and more. Also on the event menu: lion dancing, cultural performances, kids’ games and a fortune cookie writing contest.

Sponsors included GM, WABC-TV and more.


Colorful and spectacular fireworks display at Columbus Park. For the first time ever, the skies above Chinatown were illuminated with a colorful and spectacular fireworks display at Columbus Park on New Year’s Day in 2007, the Year of the Pig. Spectators standing five deep around the fence and videos posted on YouTube reflected the public’s enthusiasm for this event produced by the Chinatown Partnership. The Red Lantern Market Month promotion organized by the Chinatown Partnership extended the Lunar New Year celebrations through the winding streets of Chinatown for a full month, with dozens of shops and eateries offering discounts or gift-with-purchase.

Economic Development

Networking Chinatown into the Flow of Information, Ideas and Capital 

In the Information Age, Chinatown must be connected to the wider business community in order to thrive and respond effectively to new markets, opportunities and regulations.

 New Business Acceleration Team (NBAT)

The program would make new restaurants, bars, bakeries and butcher shops eligible for a new, streamlined program from NBAT. This program makes it possible for entrepreneurs to open their doors more quickly and help businesses get the answers and services they need from City government.

As part of the program, NBAT works with qualifying businesses to schedule and coordinate most required inspections. Such inspections include, but are not limited to, those conducted by:

  • The New York City Fire Department
  • The Department of Environmental Protection
  • The Department of Buildings
  • The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Looking to Tomorrow

As New York City continues to change, how can Chinatown’s unique culture be preserved? How can Chinatown be relevant in a global city? What is your vision for Chinatown in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?

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